Patricia Stitson
End-to-end design, development & implementation of learning experiences
Storyboarding | Multimedia | Authoring | LMS | Blended | ADDIE | SAM


I am a dynamic, multi-talented learning experience (LX) designer, education technologist, event producer, and overall solutions creator.

I am passionate about co-creating high impact events and learning experiences with a demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit.

People love me for my positive energy, creativity, and acuity. I am an avid early adopter and experimenter, so I easily keep in step with new learning technology as well as dork out over trying to grasp the latest in tech such as blockchain, etc.

In addition to my work specialized in LX design, development, and implementation, I have a passion for mentoring and coaching. In particular I enjoy coaching youth about developing their ‘idea worth spreading’ using my unique experiences with TEDx adult and youth events.


Master tinkerer turned solutions creator

I joke with friends that ‘back in the day’ you were more likely to find me at Fry’s buying a new component to add to my mac tower than at the mall buying clothes.  Today, my happy place often involves being immersed in academic research and white papers or tinkering with a new or updated software platform.

It is this passion for exploration and experimentation that is the foundation of my strength in creative solution building.  Click here view my resume or scroll down to view a sample of my portfolio.  I also encourage you to check out my About page to view both the information and learning technologies competencies I gained through my course work at UColorado – Denver as well as the Professional Values I developed with the help of Courageous Brands. If you are a fan of Gallup Strengths, you can view my top five strengths here.

Viewing my portfolio:

Click on each image for an overview of the project.  From there, with a password, you can view some specific examples.  Why I password protect my portfolio?  It is not that the work is proprietary, however, it is simply good practice to know who will view some of the work.  Thank you for your understanding and feel free to reach out to request a password through the Let’s work together! link.

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