HI. I am Patricia.Β  I’ve specialized in Learning & Event Experience Design for over two decades. πŸ€“

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TEDxAmericasFinestCity – Pt 3 – 2014 main event.

To turn around from the July event and put on the main event in October was pure magic crossed with the blood sweat and tears of dedicated volunteers. We had speakers, a small exhibit area, and held a Twitter challenge to solve a community challenge, how to finance transportation for a local charter school for …

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Reflections on TEDxAFC – Pt 2 – The July Initial Discussion

In 2014 we were striving for full community engagement. By we, I guess I should admit, ‘me’. The other 2013 Co-Directors had moved onto new positions so I was running solo, though spending much time on the phone with both of them. At the same time, I was on the cusp of completing the M.A. …

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The trajectory of career.

Over the last several years I have worked with various organizations focused on the question, “How do we prepare students (and ourselves) for jobs that we do not know exist yet?” The premise is that this is a new thing. This puzzles me because I am currently function in a professional role that did not …

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Reflections on TEDxAFC – Pt. 1

Of all the speakers from 2014, right at the moment, Yasmin Shah resonates the most as my mother is alone in a nursing home in Maine. I am also feeling the loss of a “village” (or even “villages?”) after the isolation of COVID. Her talk corresponds with a few of the topics identified at the …

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Working with Kripalu πŸ™πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ

I wouldn’t share every work experience – but this is something of an origin story for me. Please enjoy. Kripalu Center before Yoga and Health hired me during my first year in graduate school to convert two of their most successful face-to-face programs into online-only and blended programs.  Soon I was on my way to …

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The failures that build success

I’ve tried countless times to write about TEDxAFC. My fear of exposing the failures that went with the successes (measured differently in my mind than through simple quantifiable #’s) prevented me to do so. Somehow, sitting with COVID (Omicron), shifted that. I’m simply tired of holding back based on fear. Failure is inevitable. Its seeds …

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I wish the words would flow as easily as I try to type them as they do in my head. In the midst of revamping my website in the light of our separation due to COVID, I just cannot even begin without paying homage to the community that allowed me to step in and run …

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A timeline of interaction

I am trying to figure out how to convey this as a “share” and not a “prove” story. Why? Because I am steeped in DEI for learning atm and I feel I have something unique to contribute to the subject, however, the grounds for my credibility are not written on a certificate, degree, position or …

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Reflections – Sept – Preparing

So – while preparing for this transition – I keep having these small revelations regarding as large as my entire MO and what I learned through my years as a coach…and didn’t learn. Today is the employment of empathy. Just because you can identify as an empath does not seem to mean that you can …

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