My portfolio consists of a mixture of higher education, corporate and non-profit work as well as artifacts from the TEDx events I organized.  It is categorized per.

Higher Education

Interactive Exercise -Genetics – Articulate Rise

If students are unable to grasp some of the fundamentals of genetic allele distribution then more advanced genetic concepts will be lost to them.  This exercise was designed to help students fully comprehend the ‘math’ behind the genetic distribution.

Interactive Exercise – Environment and animal/insect education – Articulate Rise

An important aspect of learning about animals and insects is learning about the environments they live in together.  In this interaction using hotspots, students are able to…..

Interactive Exercise – Calculating Population Growth – Articulate Rise

In calculating population growth one of the most common mistakes that students make is to calculate using incorrect numbers or equations.  Using a dialogue…

Initiating adoption of Vyond

I went about trying to gain access to Vyond (then Videoscribe), eventually finding success…

Corporate Training

Blending learning leveraging a case study and play

The Challenge:  The question was, “What is the best way to set the participants up for success AND have fun? Also, how can we provide them with a takeaway that they can reference at their desk?”

Blended Learning – PROFITS Sales Training Suite

Tom Fox had been consulting on an empathic and math-based sales technique dubbed PROFITS and was spread thin.  The goal was to create an eLearning Suite…


Face to face workshop conversion to blended program

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health sought a consultant to lead taking their Weight Loss and Resiliency programs online…