hCentive – SaaS training
Multi-modality approach to end user training
Project Description

My role at hCentive was to support the communication and proposal department in various ways as well as be a partner champion of one particular product, WebInsure Exchange Manager.  However, we were a highly collaborative team and resources were always allocated against the greatest need.  Some examples of the work that I performed are:

  • Language audit of the portals (10,000+ lines)
  • Created After Effects video samples
  • Developed Storyline Articulate software training with screen captures
  • Produced interactive PPTs
  • Assisted with live training with Brokers in Alabama

After several months of innovation and experimentation, the team settled on using PPT for the majority of the digital training due to the fact that it was the lowest common denominator as an accessible technology/software.  Click the link below to access some samples of the work.

Project Details