PROFITS Sales Training System
Alcohol Retail Sales - Empathy Based Sales System
Project Description

My role in this project was to jump in midstream and finalize 40+ modules.  This involved a fairly extensive rewrite for consistency and language, animated video production, graphics and marketing collateral development.  I also implemented the courses on our LMS partner platform.

Core tools:

  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premier
  • Elucidat (Authoring tool)
  • Vyond (then Go Animate)
  • On Point Digital (LMS)

Curriculum Description:  The PROFITS Sales Training System is a comprehensive system that is used to skill up new hires through seasoned key account management.  It consists of the following courses:

PROFITS Sales Process:

This course is divided into fourteen sections, each of which should have an average seat time of 15-20 minutes. After the course overview, the first five sections focus on the individual skills that are crucial to the execution of the PROFITS Sales Process (or really any sales process). Sections seven through fourteen outline how to implement these core competencies in a process that is consistent, predictable, and repeatable.

PROFITS Sales Leadership & Coaching:

This course is divided into eighteen sections, each of which should have an average seat time of 15-20 minutes with a couple of the key analysis sections reaching closer to 35 minutes. It includes the PROFITS Sales Process material as well as sections specifically designed for PROFITS Sales Leadership & Coaching. The practice scenario at the end of the course provides extensive insight as to how to use the competencies in the course to coach sales professionals. A comprehensive coaching guide with direct references to videos from Sales Process to use in training AND a complimentary workbook for participants is also provided.

PROFITS Key Account Leadership:

This course is divided into eighteen sections, each of which should have an average seat time of 15-20 minutes with select analysis sections extending to 30-40 minutes. The first six sections cover the same fundamental competencies as reflected in the PROFITS Sales Process. Then the course extends into the advanced analysis skills that lead to the unique insights that Tom Fox teaches in his face to face workshops. The PROFITS Sales Process steps are then covered with an emphasis on how that would look from a Key Account Leader ‘day in the life’ point of view.

Note: This course is geared toward Key Account Leaders with the understanding that some Key Account Leaders also act as Sales Professionals as well. For this reason, the course covers all topics relevant to both roles.

Project:  This project was underway when I was brought in to finish it off and put on the finishing touches to prepare it for going to market.


  • Go Animate (now Vyond)
  • Elucidat
  • On Point
  • PPT
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