Blended Learning – PROFITS Sales Training Suite

Blended Learning - PROFITS Sales Training Suite

The Scenario:  Tom Fox had been consulting on an empathic and math-based sales technique dubbed PROFITS and was spread thin.  The goal was to create an eLearning Suite that would bring everyone on the same playing field in terms of vocabulary, technique, and method.  This developed into 3 courses consisting of a total of 50 modules.

The Task:  I was brought in to finish off the product and assist with the go-to-market strategy.  This meant ensuring consistency across the courses, finishing writing and creating assets for the course, creating an implementation strategy on the LMS, OnPoint, including push notifications etc, scheduling the complimentary webinars, and creating a PROFITS Leadership Guide for C-Suite as well as marketing materials. Lastly our team was tasked with onboarding and supporting new clients and their employees.

The Result:  The PROFITS Training Suite was implemented first with local draft beer Stone Brewing at a large scale including:

  • All three courses, PROFITS Sales Process, PROFITS Sales Leadership & Coaching, & PROFITS Key Account Leadership
  • LMS push notification structure for Onboarding and continued support keeping participants on track
  • Webinar series

Following were multiple draft beer companies across the nation that were interested in understanding how to gain more share in the market.


DATE: 2018-19
CLIENT: Various for Learning Evolution
SKILLS: Photoshop, Vyond, Premier, InDesign, Elucidat, OnPoint, Zoom

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