Blending learning leveraging a case study and play

The Scenario:  In the field of category management (catman) several analytical tools are used.  Companies tend to be challenged to encourage their catman specialists to fully and correctly leverage these tools.  For this reason, one company was having a weekend retreat that would conclude with presentations by small groups regarding a few different case study scenarios.

The Challenge:  The question was, “What is the best way to set the participants up for success AND have fun? Also, how can we provide them with a takeaway that they can reference at their desk?”

The Solution:  Create prework based on a case study with three different scenarios. The case studies were turned into scenarios that would be reviewed as self-directed study before the conference.  We also created “playing cards” according to each tool (see image).  These cards would be used in a “card play” game that was meant to cause each participant to make and justify their choices.  Eventually, the card play would result in a group consensus regarding the presentation they would make to the larger group at the end of the weekend.


DATE: 2018
CLIENT: Energy Drink Company
SKILLS: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Elucidat

Note: Course example unavailable as is proprietary material.