Reflection – VIP Strengths

The VIP Strengths results were surprising to me! The first time I took the survey in 2016. I just now took it again. Look at the similarities and differences. To me this underscores that life (and work) circumstances can affect certain focus of strength… but notice that some key core values stayed:

  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Creativity

and how the other strengths shifted

  • Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence and Gratitude to Love of Learning & Hope.

Is this surprising? In 2016 I was in a new exciting position ready to leverage my industry fresh skills. Today I am, among others, feeling uncertain and a need to reassess how I should refresh my skill/knowledge set – and really – even my lifestyle and work goals.

Similarily, I had the same experience with Myers-Briggs and so that will be my next post. I’ll take it a third time and see what it is now, Prev – INTJ to (I think I remember this correct) ENTJ.



VIPStrengths Survey


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