The failures that build success

I’ve tried countless times to write about TEDxAFC. My fear of exposing the failures that went with the successes (measured differently in my mind than through simple quantifiable #’s) prevented me to do so.

Somehow, sitting with COVID (Omicron), shifted that. I’m simply tired of holding back based on fear.

Failure is inevitable. Its seeds may lay in lack of information, lack of an ability to correctly interpret information, insufficient support and/or resources, mitigating competing threats, and, my favorite, Ego among countless others including actual wellness/sickness issues.

The quirky thing about failure is it is often the product of subjective opinion, especially in the case of creating something as nebulous as a TEDx event. Same so of success, though, in my opinion, qualitative success is inarguable – “was one life improved?” may be good enough but “was it worth the cost?” is often the next question. Maybe it depends on who was doing the paying and what that “cost” really impacted in the scheme of things. Such is the foundation of some of the tenants of Conscious Capitalism and perhaps what led to the attraction of joining the board in 2015.

In 2014, I was told by a representative of one of my partnership on the eve of our main event that “this is an epic fail!!”. From that event, one speak has 350,000+ views, raised $40K for her NPO which is an “epic” cause, and she was invited by the country of Columbia to speak at their event. Another speaker initiated a TEDx/TEDEd event/prgramming and it helped transform their district and earn them a partnership with Digital Promise, an education NPO launched by President Obama in 2011. That man’s words stung like hell and made me even more stressed for the event. His definition of success? Enough of VIP participation. Mine? Impact.

Regardless, his word were not empathetic let along professional. The real power of that is something I learned working with the Chopra Center. You can read more about that here.

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