Project Goal: During course revisions, the faculty had identified that the concept of Punnet Squares was always difficult for students to grasp.  They came up with the idea of using cats as a visual cue to help with comprehension.

Method: The faculty gave me a paper-based lesson and chose the appropriate cat photos. She requested that I create an interaction.  As per usual, the timeline was tight.  I jumped straight into prototyping within Rise and collaborating with the faculty via Articulate Review.

Result: A student reached out to share that she was. able to grasp a part of the concept she had been having trouble with, “without even asking for help”.  

Assessment:   The cats were perfect because of their relatability. Using Rise allowed me to create the course quickly and using Review to collaborate asynchronously allowed us to develop rapidly.  The integration of the visuals with frequent knowledge checks building the student toward full comprehension of a complex version of Punnet Squares was an effective pedagogy. 

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