PROFITS – Blended learning design and development

Project Goal:  Create a comprehensive blended training product to support the practice of using a consistent data and empathy-based sales approach across an organization. The audience would be sales professionals, sales managers, and key account professionals.

Method: First I spent a considerable amount of time on a thorough analysis of the existing content. From there I performed a content edit as was appropriate to ensure consistency and continuity. At the same time, I worked with the subject matter expert and co-owner of the project Tom Fox to fill in gaps where they existed. We finished the creation of an extended branched learning scenario leveraging Vyond as well as some new content creation and formal assessments. In the end, I created a leadership guide explaining the program so that management through C-Suite could effectively understand, manage, and assess the effectiveness of the training. It consisted of eLearning, coaching, and webinars by Tom Fox. It was implemented on the OnPoint Digital LMS coupled with Zoom and I was responsible for the architecture of the user experience while co-managing the administrative side with my team members. We created marketing collaterals and the sales team quickly sold it to Stone Brewery Company with many other draft beer companies to follow.  Tools used: Elucidat, Vyond,  & Adobe CC.

Result:  See the infographic (this is the highest quality I have access to.) and a sample from the Leadership Guide below.


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