"Patty was a little difficult to keep occupied when she was little" 

~My mom when interviewed for my Honors thesis project. Tweet

As an adult? Same. I am always moving, exploring, thinking, making.  That is why my LXD work specific to eLearning is satisfying, because I seem always be engaged in something a little different.  At one point my colleagues considered buying me several hats with different tasks embroidered on each for me to wear so that they knew what I was working on that day.  

Some days I may be coding in Adapt, others creating the high-level architecture for a program, others making an animation, video, interaction or branched learning scenario.  This variety keeps me fresh and ready for the next challenge. 


One title | Many hats

I enjoy being able to create through different mediums, always keeping in mind accessibility, inclusions, EQ intelligence, and alignment to the mission of the organization and the business requirements of the training.  

The backstory

Some of my favorite memories from childhood-teen years revolve around free fitting stone (no mortar) with my father who was a mason in the sense of being a true craftsman.  

I can still picture him sitting in his lazy boy reading these brown fabric bound books about the geometry of arches and such.  And I vividly remember marching up and down Sunset Blvd. where we had a house while my father was doing restoration work on the Old Chapel at UMass – Amherst.  

When free fitting stone there is something about looking at this pile of inconsistently shaped puzzle pieces and having to imagine, how does this fit together?  Where might there be a need for filler stones (the little bits – like job aids).

I’d like to think I bring that level of craftsmanship to my work with eLearning Design and Development.  

The church, a book that looks like what he used to read, and some free fitted (though not the best work) stone.

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