Corporate Training

Blended Learning

I have specialized in converting face-to-face instructional programs and workshops into blended learning programs. This approach combines multiple modes of delivery, incorporating both traditional face-to-face instruction and online learning experiences. The goal is to leverage the strengths of each modality to create a cohesive and effective learning experience.  At the heart of this effort is

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Digital Learning Design and Development

Being a successful digital learning design and development professional requires what I call an end-to-end full-stack skill set across various content creation and implementation tools. It also requires a knack for scripting and storyboarding engaging learning experiences while keeping an eye on organizational goals as well as mission, vision, values and branding. As Craig Downing,

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Screenshot of the category management job aids that were also used as playing cards.

Category Management – Blended Learning

This is a screenshot of one of the cards used in the gameplay and doubled as a take-home just-in-time tool for each participant. Project Goal: Proper Category Management (CATMAN) tool use requires competence across several complex concepts. Many CATMAN professionals do not leverage the tools fully and, sometimes, not even correctly.  This energy drink company

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