More coming soon including my flagship course on, the WP/Learndash LMS I have built, about Personalized Learning Networks. The website at large is focused on “all things about learning communities” using the blockchain movement as an example. The first course is about how to take control of your lifelong learning path by developing a self-directed “personalized” learning network and creating a conscious presence within it. In the meantime, you can have a look below at some of my more recent higher education work. The example on the left is a simple text exercise conversion to Articulate Rise. The one on the right integrated Vyond video with Rise. Click on each to learn more. Below are also a couple of testimonials.

Feedback: The following is the feedback I receive regarding my most recent work.

“I am the Lead Faculty for the non-majors general biology course at National University. Patricia was instrumental in the overhaul and migration of the course from Blackboard to Brightspace. We worked together in creating a consistent and visually appealing online environment. From the choice of moving powerpoint to rise to other improvments, Patty’s touch is present in all components of the course.

I was particularly impressed by her ability to translate ideas of interactives from dry scripts to colorful and engaging visual experiences. These learning activities constitute effective and attractive tools for the online instructor.”

Dr. Ana Maria Barral, Associate Faculty, NU

” [Patricia] Developed new engagement-style management course on Process Improvement; converted the professor’s classroom-ideas into interactive online content; praised by students as relatable, understandable and fast!

– Faculty Lead

“[Patricia] Collaborated on content for a new degree in Logistics that targets real-life skills to overcome supply chain challenges; result impressed key employers like Amazon who choose NU as a 100%-employer-funded ducation for its employees in logistics jobs.”

– Faculty Lead

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